E-Mail Programs Versus Webmail – Which One Is Better?

E-mail client is used to refer to any agent acting as a client towards an e-mail server. In addition, a web application providing the relevant functionality is sometimes considered an e-mail client. There are actually two types of e-mail clients. The first one is called E-mail programs that include Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Incredible Mail. The other one is called Webmail that includes Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Eudoramail and AOL to name a few. Aol mail

Let us differentiate what these two are first. An e-mail program is a program on your computer in which you retrieve email and send replies, sort email into folders and others. Basically, you do not need to go anywhere- log-on to a website- to read your email. Moreover, you really have to go to a specific computer that has your own e-mail program installed to it. E-mail programs are often used in work places but you can always bring your e-mail at home provided that you will have to install the program on your home computer. The downside to this program is that if you are in a different place, you need to bring your computer that has the e-mail program to view your inbox. This can be remedied if you have a laptop that you can bring anywhere. But what if you don’t have one?

A webmail, on the other hand is what most Internet Service Providers (ISP) offer to access to your email online as a convenient way of reading it. It’s great for keeping up with email when you’re away from your computer. This is also a strategy for most ISP to keep you returning to its website for popularity rating’s sake. This is convenient. However, if you ever change ISPs and cancel your original account, all your past e-mail will be deleted along with the rest of your account. How s this possible? Because your e-mail is not on your computer – it is located at your ISP’s website. There is a solution to that, however, you can still use e-mail from free web servers like Yahoo, AOL and MSN. The good thing with these servers is that they are free and you can browse your e-mail from anywhere. The problem with this is that when the website is under repair (it can take weeks for a repair to be done), you cannot access your e-mail.

There is really no perfect way or program to view your e-mail. It really depends on what your preferences are. If you are working, an e-mail program is suitable for you that way you can browse your e-mails at home or in the office. If not, you can always use free webmails to read your e-mail. But the risk of not being able to read your e-mail is high if the website is down or is under repair. Either way, it’s up to you to decide which one suits your needs best.